Vol 2, Issue 1, June 2018 – Interpassivity

Robert Pfaller’s Interpassivity

Edited by Mike Grimshaw and Cindy Zeiher


Cindy Zeiher & Mike Grimshaw, The Impractical Interpassive: Introduction to the Issue on Robert Pfaller’s Interpassivity

Jan de Vos, Fake subjectivities: Interpassivity from (neuro)psychologization to digitalization.

Tereza Kuldova, Interpassive Phenomena in Times of Economic Subordination: From Self-playing Games via Cryptocurrency Mining to Dressing Up in Subversion

Mike Grimshaw, Interpassivity: The necessity to retain a semblance of the mundane?

Silvan Wagner, How to become an “edelez herze”: Interpassivity and the art of playing the game of collectively received narratives (not only) within the Middle Ages

Jennifer Friedlander, Interpassivity: Bonds of Pleasure and Belief

Gijs van Oenen, Robert Pfaller: Theorist of public grace

Gabriel Tupinambá, Other Others: further remarks on transferential materialism

Nicol Thomas,  Interrogating Interpassivity: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

David Khan, Interpassive Anti-aesthetic

Rodrigo Gonsalves, Interpassivity and the uncanny illusions of our daily lives

jan jagodzinski, Interrogating Interpassivity

Robert Boncardo, Interpassivity and the Impossible: From Art to Politics in Pfaller’s Interpassivity: The Aesthetics of Delegated Enjoyment

Alfie  Bown,  Interpassive Online: Outsourcing and Insourcing Enjoyment in Platform Capitalism

Henry Krips, Ideology and its Pleasures: Althusser, Žižek & Pfaller

Rodrigo Gonsalves, Book Review – Spinoza and Hegel – Substance and Negativity Gregor Moder 

Victor L. Shammas, Book Review – Notes on Guy Standing’s The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work Does Not Pay.

Continential Thought and Theory, Volume Two, Number One, Notes on Contributors