Vol 4 Issue 1, May 2023 – War: Thinking the Unthinkable

War: Thinking the Unthinkable

Edited by Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw


“War(s) of the World(s): Thinking the Unthinkable”, Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw

“The Entry of Women into War”, Frigga Haug

“Not War, nor Peace. Are War and Peace Mutually Exclusive Alternatives?” William Franke

“Transcendentalist-Abolitionist-Anti-Imperialist: Opposition to the U.S. War against Mexico”, Ted Stolz

“War Should Not Rule the World. Consideration Should be given to What the Conditions for Peace Might Be” Judith Balso

“Facing WW4”, Claudia Pozzana and Alessandro Russo

“How Hegel Misjudged Hegel’s Theory of War”, Todd McGowan

“Perpetual Cold War: Michel Foucault and the Conditions of Philosophy”, Roland Végső

“Kosova: A Note from the Wreckage of Anti-Imperialism”, Jeta Mulaj

“Cold War Nostalgia…. We Can be Heroes Comrades– [even] Just For One Day?”, Mike Grimshaw

Fighting Words – Women Lyricists and Poets from Aotearoa/New Zealand

Gail Ingram

midday on bridle path road, Anywhere on Earth/Будь-де на Землі, ‘Good Kiwi Lass’

Hester Ullyart

Everything goes to Hell, anyway

Joanna Preston

Lijessenthoek, Song of the Silly Little Man

Louise Wallace

aim for a healthy life, women’s troubles, supply and demand

Hinemoana Baker

The World’s Slowest Kick

Tamara Smith

Kaleidoscope, Sun God, The Letter, Hour Glass

Kathleen Gallagher

On Peace

Notes on Contributors