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Continental Thought and Theory: A Journal of Intellectual Freedom

Continental theory has a chequered history in academia. Recently, however, as scholars of the new materialism refocus on tensions between modernist and post modernist concepts and questions, Continental theory has had a resurgence. The intellectual world today is facing social and ontological problems and issues—including increasingly, the function of the academy—which strongly suggest that new kinds of questions, critiques, debates and responses are crucial to the relevance and interrogation of Continental theory in the 21st century.

Continental Thought and Theory (CT&T) responds to this need for international critical engagement. The journal is open access and combine special issues with calls for papers. The first volume, consisting of four issues, consider debates and discussion around the political economy and social reproduction. The second and third volumes will focus on aesthetics, literature as well as close critical readings of the work of three contemporary thinkers: Robert Pfaller, Alenka Zupančič and Jacques Rancière.

CT&T emerges from the Canterbury School of Continental Philosophy (CSCP) at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. The school was established in 2015 to deliberately engage theoretical, philosophical ideas and key thinkers in the Continental field. The school runs a seminar series which encourages discussions relating to current scholarship in the diverse field of Continental theory, thought and philosophy.

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