Vol 2, Issue 4, September 2019 – A Dedicated Reading of Todd McGowan’s, ‘Emancipation After Hegel’

A Dedicated Reading of McGowan’s Emancipation After Hegel

Edited by Mike Grimshaw and Cindy Zeiher


Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw – ‘Introduction: How Can We Think of Hegel as Emancipatory?’

Slavoj Žižek, ‘Hegel, Retroactivity and the End of History’

Russell Sbriglia ‘Emancipating Hegel: Synthesis, History, and the Example of Whitman’

Florian Endres, ‘Towards a Materialist Theory of Art’

Anna Kornbluh, ‘The State of Contradiction’

Jon Mills, ‘Psyche as Inner Contradiction’

Fabio Vighi, ‘The Hegelian Moment: from the Withering Away of Labour to Work as Concrete Universal’

Clint Burnham, ‘Hegel without Lacan: on Todd McGowan’s Emancipation after Hegel’

Jan Völker, ‘ The Margins of Contradiction. On Todd McGowan’s Emancipation after Hegel’

Goran Vranešević, ‘First as Speculation then as Emancipation’

Rick Boothby, ‘Lacan’s Thing with Hegel’

Mike Grimshaw, ‘Ruptured by Love…? A Radical Theology Annotative Encounter with McGowan’s Emancipation after Hegel’

Matthew Flisfeder, ‘The Apostle of Reason: Hegel and the Desire for Universal Emancipation in the Twenty-First Century’


Todd McGowan, Review of Samo Tomšič, The Labour of Enjoyment: Towards a Critique of Libidinal Economy, Berlin: August Verlag, 2019.

Marcus Quent, Review of Jan Völker (Ed.), Badiou and the German Tradition of Philosophy, London: Bloomsbury, 2019.

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors