Vol 3, Issue 3, December 2021 – Music: Aesthetic and Praxis

Volume 3, Issue 3 Music : Aesthetic and Praxis

Edited by Mike Grimshaw and Cindy Zeiher


Introduction – How Knowable is Music?, Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw
A Voice Resounds”, Jean-Luc Nancy
Sonic Anti-Correlationism and its Limits: Thinking Quentin Meillassoux with William Basinski”, Christopher Breu
Silence, Subversions, Sound-bothering, and Swans”, Eve de Castro-Robinson
Globokar, or the Effort to Write Materialist Music”, Slavoj Žižek
Music and Thought: A Composer’s Reverie”, Linda Catlin Smith
On Musical Sense”, Jean-Luc Nancy
Staging Liquid Modern Communities in Monteverdi’s Orfeo”, Gregory Camp
The Trembling of the Sensible: Another way to Think Musical Autonomy”, Vladimir Pinheiro Safatle
Nasty Gap and Lovely Suspense: Thinkable and Hearable Music in the Middle Ages”, Silvan Wagner
Voicing the Real in Extreme Metal”, Rosemary Overell
Sandcastles in Sound: Memory and Popular Music on the Shores of Oblivion”, Martin Pogačar
Critical Sonic Practice: Decolonizing Boundaries in Music Research”, Leila Adu-Gilmore
Archephonai: The Dangers of Music”, James Martell
Music about Music in Postmodernity: or, Adorno Comes Alive!”, Andrew Cole
A Few Degenerate Thoughts”, Boris Benko
Thinking Music as Divine Gift”, Gerald Liu
The Sound is the Music – From Shamanism to Quantum Sound”, Panayiotis Kokoras

Conversations: Music Performance/Making/Thinking

Music is Nothing… Perhaps?: A Conversation between Riki Gooch (NZ) and Reuben Derrick (NZ)
Vibrating Notes and Noise: A Conversation between Susan Alcorn (USA) and Reuben Derrick (NZ)
Instant Composing – Playing Your Arse Off!: A Conversation between Peter Brötzmann (Germany), Reuben Derrick and Cindy Zeiher (NZ)


Psychoanalytic Seriality as Media Theory: From Freud’s Couch to Yours” Ryan Engley
A Question of Infrademocracy: A Conceptual Approach to the ‘Radicality’ of Democracy” Andreas Beyer Gregersen
Malallegories of Reading: Three Ghosts and a Spectre in Hamlet, Jameson, and Lacan” Sigi Jöttkandt
Remembering Weimar”, Kathleen James-Chakaborty


Universalism and Identity” by Todd McGowan
Reviewed by Brett Nicholls

The most important book most of you will never read–or, ‘doing the continental’. Sweet Dreams. The story of the New Romantics. From club culture to style culture” by Dylan Jones
Reviewed by Mike Grimshaw

Notes on Contributors